Human geography

Studying Human geography takes you on an adventure that will change the way you view the world. You will gain insight into the way people, communities and cultures interact with spaces and places across the globe.

This relationship is complex and constantly changing, and it presents major challenges: rapid urbanisation, environmental degradation, climate change, deepening poverty, uneven global development, and rising socioeconomic inequality.

Combining geography, social science and sustainability science study, Human geography will give you the blend of analytical skills and the knowledge required to find solutions to these global challenges.

When you study Human geography, you explore the relationship between people and their environment. Thus, it examines how changing population and migration dynamics, urban development, patterns of consumption and growth, and labour markets intersect at local, national and global scales.

You'll gain expertise in resource evaluation and management, and learn about contemporary issues in social science research, grasping the concept of human-induced climate change and how this differs from natural climate variability.

Broad-ranging electives allow you to focus on your particular interests, whether they be in geographical information systems (GIS), soil and vegetation dynamics, or environmental policy and management. You will hear various guest lecturers present their latest research findings, perhaps helping you to grasp the concept of human-induced climate change and how this differs from natural climate variability.

There are also exciting opportunities to move beyond the classroom, with field studies in sustainability, further enhancing your expertise in real-world situations. Grounded experience and field-based learning will help you develop the applied research capabilities necessary for the diverse opportunities that await graduates.

The expertise gained in this major may set you on a career path in the following areas: urban and regional development, sustainable-policy development, applied research, environmental management or perhaps teaching geography and environment studies.

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