International studies

Our International studies program brings to life the issues and events that have shaped, and continue to shape our world by exploring the key political, economic and social developments since
As nations and economies become more integrated, and in order to live and to compete in the international marketplace of products, ideas and knowledge, it is important to understand the ideas and beliefs of our neighbours and trading partners.
Examine how local communities around the world embrace but also challenge aspects of globalisation through four interlocking spheres of the human condition, which we organise into

  • Global health and disease
  • Environment, cities and sustainability
  • Crisis, conflict and disaster
  • Commerce, technology and consumption

The units in each stream have been brought together from programs throughout the Faculty as well as across the University so that you are trained to think critically beyond cultural and geographical boundaries. All our units are inherently global and comparative in the case studies you will consider.

You will learn interpretive methods and theories from leading economists, historians, linguists, geographers, anthropologists, philosophers, bioethicists, sociologists and political scientists, giving you a unique blend of analytical skills that studies in one discipline alone cannot offer.

Our staff have studied and worked around the world, in Asia, Africa, Europe, America and of course Australia. They work on topics as varied as the history of medicine, gender and international development, the development of the modern multi-national corporation, legacies of war in the Asian region and the integration of the USSR into a pan- European and global narrative.

We encourage you to enhance your intercultural competence though the study of an additional language, and complement this from a range of overseas electives, as part of one of our study tours, or at a Monash overseas location, or at a prestigious partner university.

You will graduate equipped to work in a range of dynamic careers. Our graduates have gone on to work in areas as diverse as government and non-government organisations, media outlets, commerce, global trading firms, education providers and development.

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