Islamic studies

Learn about one of the world's great civilisations. Islamic studies provides a fascinating introduction to Qur'an and Hadith studies, and Islamic history, contemporary thought and comparative studies.

Researchers, journalists, teachers, social workers and community workers will all benefit from an understanding of the Muslim faith in general and Muslims in Australia in particular. As such, the insights gained in this study will contribute to careers in a broad range of fields, including immigration, education, community engagement, diplomacy, multinational companies, social work and many others.

You will gain an introduction to Islamic teachings, history in classical and modern periods, contemporary thought and comparative studies. Our core Islamic studies units in world religions and conflict and coexistence will give you a broad overview of world religions, and the relationships between the monotheistic faiths. This will help you contextualise the connections and disputes that have emerged in recent times.

You can study areas including: the evolution and influence of Islam as a religion, Islamic leadership styles and principles, Islamic philosophy, and interpretations of written sources of Islam.

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This area of study is offered in the following courses or can be taken where you have 4 free electives. To see if you can take this area of study within a double degree select from the course offering below.