Study print, digital, audio and video journalism – preparing you for a creative and rewarding media career – with the Monash Journalism major.

The program is housed in one of the largest journalism schools in Australia and is taught by leading, award-winning journalists and renowned journalism academics.

Your studies will provide an excellent foundation in journalistic practice, including the advanced research and communication skills needed to produce high-quality content for media and professional practice. You will also gain a firm understanding of the history and ethical principles of robust and accurate journalism, which underpin the media in a democratic society.

The Journalism program will provide you with an understanding of journalism as both a professional and disciplinary practice, and its contribution to contemporary social life.

You'll become familiar with important early and contemporary scholarship on the context and practice of journalism in Australia and internationally. Our illustrative media examples and case studies will broaden your knowledge and understanding.

Utilise our multi-million dollar facilities and equipment – TV and radio studios, newsroom, computer labs and theatrette – to learn the different media technologies and formats. You'll have the opportunity to study journalism's many forms, including documentary, lifestyle journalism, newsroom, and long-form narrative. Informed by strong industry links, you will have many opportunities to publish your work, both in mainstream media and on websites we run on a professional basis.

If you are taking the extended major, you'll have the option of a professional internship, giving you valuable industry experience and connections to help you embark on your journalistic career. The extended major will also enable you to study a number of specialised units at an advanced level and, while open to all students, is especially designed for those interested in pursuing a career in the media.

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