Korean studies

This major is your opportunity to gain high-level Korean-language skills and explore Korean culture and society.

Korean language teaching incorporates interactive and multimedia resources to enhance learning and bring Korean culture to the classroom. Introducing Hangul, a phonetic writing system, enables students to type in Korean from the introductory level.

Study in Korea with our overseas program and gain credits towards your degree, while gaining invaluable cultural experience. We also offer internships, meaning that you'll have useful work experience when you graduate.

We offer different entry levels for our Korean-language program – from introductory to proficient – so that you can begin your study according to your skills. If you already speak some Korean, we'll test you to ensure you're in the right stream.

You will be guided through the language at the appropriate level for your stream, while learning about Korean history and culture, communication, translation and society. Electives expand your knowledge and abilities, and an internship will anchor your studies in a real-world environment.

Korean studies has semester-long or intensive exchange agreements with Korea University, Seoul National University and Yonsei University, which give you credit towards your study. Grants are offered through Monash Abroad or the Korean Government scholarship.

When you graduate, you'll be able to communicate in Korean in a broad range of situations, as well as understand the relationship between language and culture at a deeper level.

Studying a language gives you more than the language. It offers you the unique opportunity to truly learn intercultural communication and to think broadly as you learn first hand about linguistic and cultural differences. It will challenge you to learn more about your own language and culture.

Korean Studies will be useful to students who aspire to a professional career in business, government, communication, and education, among other fields.

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This area of study is offered in the following courses or can be taken where you have 8 free electives. To see if you can take this area of study within a double degree select from the course offering below.

Study abroad

All students are strongly encouraged to participate in the Language Study Abroad Program in Korea which has exchange agreements with four prominent universities in Korea. Monash supports study in Korea under the Monash Abroad program. A number of organisations also offer scholarships. Read more