Philosophy at Monash allows you to participate in the greatest questions we face, training yourself to be a curious, disciplined and effective thinker.

Often considered the purest of the academic disciplines for its focus on ageless questions about the world and our place within it, philosophy also prepares you for meaningful engagement with today's society, and in today's workplace.

Philosophy studies offer flexibility of study mode, including an opportunity to undertake units off-campus. Studies in Philosophy will enrich your study in other Arts disciplines, such as History, Politics, Psychology, Languages and Literary Studies.

Throughout your major you will be introduced to areas central to philosophy, including:

  • Metaphysics – the study of what sorts of things exist in the world, and how they are related.
  • Epistemology – the study of what constitutes knowledge of the world, and of what methods can be used to obtain it.
  • Ethics and aesthetics – the nature of the good and the beautiful, and how such value judgements may be justified.
  • Political philosophy – the principles that underlie the structure of a just society.
  • Philosophy of language – the notions of meaning, truth and linguistic understanding.
  • Philosophy of mind – the relationship between consciousness and physical reality.
  • Logic – the theory of reasoning.

Philosophy is an incredibly broad field of study. You might choose to focus in on democratic theory, or the philosophy of language, or perhaps you'll be more drawn to the ethical philosophers of the classical world.

Having charted your own course through several millennia of the most profound and fascinating areas of recorded human thought, you'll be empowered to ask penetrating questions of the world you live in, be highly trained as a logical thinker, and be able to research, structure and articulate extended arguments on the most complex subjects.

You'll find that your hard-won proficiency in these skills equips you for a career in a range of areas, including government, public policy, education, the not-for-profit sector, marketing or even business.

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