In Politics, you'll get to grips with the way your world works. Your studies will focus on politics and governance in Australia and the world, international relations and global politics, and political theory and philosophy.

With renowned lecturers, and a highly contemporary curriculum, Monash Politics will broaden or even reshape your understanding of the political sphere.

You'll develop a nuanced, critically aware sense of the structures and complexities of human organisation in both a current and historical context.

Following an initial grounding in current political theory and the organisation of different political systems, you will be engaged in critical debates about resource allocation; decision-making; social behaviour and political action; the management or resolution of conflict; power struggles; ideologies and political movements; and the nature of the government and the state, including relations between states.

You will learn to evaluate different political systems and institutions and the processes of policy development, encountered through both contemporary case studies and historical events.

Through elective study you can craft a course that suits your interests and ambitions, in areas such as Middle East politics, European government, or foreign-policy analysis. You also have the option of taking an internship in the Victorian Parliament, providing an invaluable chance to get to know the political process first hand.

You'll become thoroughly versed in political theory, familiar with the mechanics and history of major systems of human organisation, and be able to critically evaluate and shape discussions on key political issues such as human rights, the party-political system, globalisation and effective representation.

Your in-depth knowledge, together with your ability to structure and express arguments and conduct research, will be significant assets throughout your career. You'll find yourself suited to work in public policy, speech writing, campaigning, education and many other rewarding fields.

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This area of study is offered in the following courses or can be taken where you have 8 free electives. To see if you can take this area of study within a double degree select from the course offering below.

Study Politics at Monash

Politics is the study of power. By studying politics you’ll explore how communities govern themselves and the ideas and ideologies that underpin society.


Monash University's Politics and International Relations Program offers students the opportunity to undertake a parliamentary internship with academic credit towards their degree.

Study abroad

As a Monash student, you have the option to make your course an international one. One option is studying at a Monash campus abroad, and you’ll have Malaysia, South Africa or Prato to choose from.