Architectural design - XS0061

Architectural design

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Your qualification will be a Bachelor of Architectural Design

Combine your creative vision and technical expertise to shape the future of society through great design in the built environment.

In this hands-on, studio-based degree you’ll spend more than half of your time in the studio, collaborating with your peers in small groups to develop design responses to a wide range of social and spatial issues, just like you would in an actual architecture firm.

At Monash, you’ll learn to think beyond the building and create solutions that transform the way we live.

Year 1: From day one, you’ll be in the studio, learning about space, materials, craft, and inhabitation from our practising architects and internationally-recognised researchers. You’ll learn how to effectively communicate your ideas to clients, communities or policy-makers through drawings, models and live presentations.

Year 2: You’ll be introduced to architects and designers from across Melbourne and around the world as they pitch ideas for projects you can work on together. There’s the opportunity to undertake a travelling studio and visit countries like Poland, China, Germany or Japan to study local buildings and design for local challenges.

Year 3: You’ll focus on projects that investigate materials, structure, program, site and history. You’ll develop your designs to a high level of detail and resolution, and at the end of the year, you’ll have the opportunity to present your work in MADA Now, our annual exhibition of graduate work.

On successful completion of your bachelor’s degree, you can choose to move directly onto the Master of Architecture or the Master of Urban Planning and Design.

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