Art history and curating - F20033

Art history and curating

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Your qualification will be a Bachelor of Art History and Curating

Be a key contributor to the artistic community as your knowledge of artists, art history and current art movements helps you succeed in a variety of careers – whether your aim is to be a curator, commentator, a gallery owner or academic.

From day one, you’ll be immersed in the practice, meeting industry professionals, visiting galleries and exploring the theoretical and practical aspects of contemporary curation.

You’ll learn from local and international writers and art professionals as you develop your skills as a writer and critic.

Year 1: You’ll learn about the social, cultural and artistic climate that was in place when all sorts of famous works were created, and discover how the works both responded to their era and contributed to its culture. Undertake a foreign language or business elective or get hands-on creating artworks in the studio.

Year 2: You’ll examine academic writing and criticism to develop your skills as a writer and critic. You’ll also learn the basics of publishing so that you’re able to promote your work via various electronic platforms.

Between years two and three, there’s a six-week internship in a gallery/museum (or a related context), where you can put your skills and knowledge into practice and build industry contacts and confidence

Year 3: In your final year, you’ll learn about curating through the ages – how the practice has changed from the mid-18th century to today – and look at the rise of international biennales and triennials in the modern era.

You’ll also have the opportunity to exhibit your own curated project as part of the end-of-year MADA Now exhibition.

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