Collaborative design

Your qualification will be a Bachelor of Collaborative Design

It’s all about breadth. Combine elements from Communication Design, Industrial Design and Spatial Design to custom-create your own Collaborative Design degree.

Through design studios and industry projects you’ll develop multi-disciplinary skills to solve a wide range of challenges.

You’ll become an outstanding collaborator, critical thinker and problem-solver. This highly appealing and transferable combination of skills will ensure you’re equipped to take on the jobs of today as well as in the future.

Year 1: You’ll focus on developing conceptual thinking and technical skills that will provide the foundation to your studies. You’ll also gain specialist knowledge in your choice of communication design, industrial design or spatial design.

Year 2: You’ll gain a deeper understanding of design practices, and learn how people engage with objects, spaces and systems. You’ll also have the opportunity to branch out and enhance your skills and knowledge through electives.

There are hundreds of electives on offer across the University – you can even undertake an internship and gain industry experience as a designer. Alternatively, you can undertake an approved semester exchange or spend it at the Monash Prato Centre studying design in Europe.

Year 3: This is where it all comes together. In two bespoke Collaborative Design studios, you’ll be challenged to apply the unique insights you’ve gained from your first and second-year studios to an independent research project that highlights your capabilities as a multidisciplinary designer.

Your third year culminates in our annual graduate exhibition MADA Now, where you’ll exhibit your work to friends, family and industry.

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