Environmental engineering

Your qualification will be a Bachelor of Environmental Engineering (Honours)

All Monash engineering specialisations consider sustainability, but as an Environmental engineering student, it will be your priority.

Environmental engineering involves the implementation and management of solutions that are in harmony with the principles of sustainable development. It is concerned with reducing energy and minimising waste, while providing the community with opportunities to grow.

Demand is on the rise for Engineering graduates with environmental expertise. This is your chance to stand out from the crowd, and make a difference for the generations to come.

As an environmental engineer you will have the opportunity to directly address the impact of human activity, and protect our natural world.

Whether you're passionate about climate change, air pollution or water supply systems, your passion can now become your livelihood.

As an environmental engineer, you might:

  • develop environmentally-sound building and transport systems
  • rehabilitate or develop landfill sites
  • ensure clean water supplies are provided to a community
  • evaluate and minimise the environmental impact of engineering projects
  • develop cleaner production technologies to reduce industrial pollution
  • evaluate the risks of climate change for a project or business and recommend solutions

A career as an environmental engineer is broad and far-reaching. Organisations employing environmental engineers include the following:

  • engineering consulting firms
  • private agencies that supply drinking water and treat wastewater
  • companies that treat and dispose of hazardous waste
  • organisations helping to account for carbon and implementing low carbon solutions
  • government agencies regulating environmental issues
  • universities that teach and conduct sustainability research
  • International agencies that aid developing nations
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