Digital Humanities - XM0162

Digital Humanities

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Digital humanities is where technology, IT, humanities and virtual design intersect. You’ll learn how to talk about the humanities and social sciences using technology such as 3D modelling, game design, augmented reality and digital storytelling. We’re the first university in Australia to offer digital humanities as a major, placing you at the forefront of this exciting new field.

Why study digital humanities?

Digital humanities is a rapidly growing field. By studying digital humanities you’ll move from a consumer to a producer and manipulator of data and be prepared for new roles in new media design and communication, big data, digital archiving and other areas that haven’t been imagined yet.

This field of study is interdisciplinary, collaborative and - as a result - full of possibilities. Most projects in the field include researchers from a range of disciplines, and also from different kinds of institutions. Digital humanists make waves everywhere from galleries, to archaeological digs, to the world of competitive gaming. It’s a field that's booming around the world, leading to never-before-seen roles in new media, big data, and interactive experience design.

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