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Almost everyone has been puzzled by a philosophical question at some point. For example: Is morality objective or simply a matter of opinion? What is personal identity? What is consciousness? Is it rational to believe in God? These are some of the central issues we address in philosophy.

Why study philosophy?

Philosophy students become excellent communicators, forming clear and persuasive arguments, conceiving complex ideas and developing as independent thinkers. Philosophy studies are very popular with Arts/Laws students. You’ll be inspired to think outside the square and look at the world in a different way.

Major Focus by location
Focus Locations
MajorNote Caulfield, Clayton
Extended MajorNote Clayton, Caulfield
MinorNote Caulfield, Clayton

This area of study is offered in the following courses or can be taken where you have 8 free electives. To see if you can take this area of study within a double degree select from the course offering below.

Career options

  • Non-government organisations (NGOs)
  • Business
  • Law
  • Journalism
  • Policy and government
  • Teaching
  • Research

Overseas opportunities

We encourage you to expand your horizons during your time at Monash by studying at one of our partner universities overseas. An exchange is an ideal way to advance your skills and immerse yourself in the culture of the country where you are studying.

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"I realise now that everything that I’ve done I learned from philosophy; it has really grounded what I do. I also gained skills in logic, reasoning and having strong evidence bases before making decisions."

Roger Chao,
Bachelor of Commerce/Arts, 
Majored in Philosophy.

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