Spanish and Latin American studies

About Spanish and Latin American studies

Spanish is spoken by more than 400 million people across 23 countries. It’s one of the most important languages for cultural exchange and business, especially as Australian trade with Latin America increases.

Why choose Spanish and Latin American studies?

After completing a major in Spanish you’ll be well on the path to proficiency in the language, with progression tracked against the European Framework for Languages, an international benchmark. You’ll also gain an in-depth understanding of contemporary Spanish and Latin American cultures and societies.

Major Focus by location
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Studying a language at Monash

Knowing an international language and understanding global cultures are sought-after job skills that can help you set up your career in Australia or abroad. Whether you're a complete beginner or already proficient, we'll help you discover the world.

Career options

  • Interpreting and translation
  • Marketing
  • Import/export businesses
  • Communications and the media
  • Tourism
  • Hospitality
  • International organisations

Study abroad

As a Monash student you have the option to make your course an international one. One option is studying at a Monash campus abroad, and you'll have Malaysia, India, China or Prato (Italy) to choose from.