Ukrainian studies

Follow your passion for Ukrainian language, culture and literature at Monash –the only university in Australia to offer a Ukrainian studies program.

Ukrainian is the language of one of Europe's larger countries and of Ukrainian communities throughout the world, including Australia. Ukraine's literature, art and architecture, its folklore and its popular culture are rich and varied.

Sitting at the heart of modern Europe, Ukraine is undergoing tremendous change, drawing the attention of businesspeople, politicians and academics. Ukrainian studies takes you deep inside the modern Ukraine.

Your point of entry to Ukrainian Studies will depend on your existing capability in the language. Whatever your level, the language units form the backbone of the program, ensuring you'll emerge proficient in written and spoken Ukrainian.

Studying a language gives you more than the language. It offers you the unique opportunity to truly learn intercultural communication and to think broadly as you learn first hand about linguistic and cultural differences. It will challenge you to learn more about your own language and culture.

Beyond the Ukrainian language component, you'll encounter elective units covering the social context of language learning, the connection between writing and national identity, and the idea of Europe.

The Ukrainian Studies program has links to universities in L'viv and Kyiv and encourages students to take a summer school or a semester of study in Ukraine.

The skills and knowledge gained from Ukrainian Studies can be put to use in fields as diverse as foreign affairs and diplomacy, international trade, translating, tourism and marketing.

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