Drug discovery biology - XS0023

Drug discovery biology

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Drug discovery biology focuses on the biomedical science and pharmacology of drug discovery.

In this specialisation, you will learn about the biotechnological aspects of drug design that lead to:

  • discovering and evaluating new targets for testing drugs
  • investigating the biological effects of drug candidates
  • translating outcomes into pharmaceutical products

You will develop expert knowledge of biological drug targets and their modulation by different types of active drug compounds, which is at the core of innovative drug discoveries.

Graduates will be qualified for a career in translating the information and outcomes of drug development studies into pharmaceutical products.

In Drug discovery biology you'll investigate the complex mechanisms of drug action based on interactions at molecular, cellular and organ level.

You will examine how biological systems are affected by a range of diseases – including hypertension, diabetes and asthma – and how drugs can be used to modify these changes and rebalance a person's physiology. Various research methods to identify new therapeutic targets for these disorders will be explored.

A range of units will allow you to focus on the following:

  • microbiology and immunology
  • disease-focused pharmacology – central nervous system (CNS) and cancer
  • applied analytical methods
  • chemical biology
  • current aspects of cancer biology
  • drug delivery research project

Upon completion of the course with this specialisation, your ability to translate information and outcomes of drug-development studies into pharmaceutical products will be highly sought after by a diverse range of employers.

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The Drug Discovery Biology theme is internationally recognised as world leading. Their research is making fundamental advances in the understanding and use of novel drug-discovery targets and approaches.