Ethnomusicology and musicology - XS0015

Ethnomusicology and musicology

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In Ethnomusicology and musicology you will study the music of different cultures, considering both Western classical forms and African and/or Asian traditions.

You'll investigate the role of music in society, music history, philosophical and aesthetic aspects of music and performance practice. You'll also explore the richness and scope of humanity's interplay with musical expression and broaden your knowledge of music and the integral role it plays within different cultures.

You will be ready for a wide range of music-related careers, for example, in film, television and radio production, music publishing, music journalism, music administration, as well as archival, library and museum work.

Ethnomusicology and musicology studies will deepen your knowledge about music history, biography and historiography from various cultures, periods and perspectives. The opportunities to engage in cross-cultural and cross-genre interactions will help to develop your creative and critical thinking abilities and, inform both your music practice and writing, enabling you to be an effective communicator of musical ideas.

The specialisation culminates in a major project that may include archival work, the construction of a musical instrument, the preparation of a series of radio programs, the organisation of a music exhibition, or the preparation of an academic publication.

In-depth studies demand rich and numerous resources and materials. Since 1965 the School of Music has acquired –and continues to acquire – a unique and extensive archival collection, ensuring that your day-to-day learning and various research projects are catered to at a world-class standard.

In Ethnomusicology and musicology, you will develop the critical thinking skills about music, the academic music knowledge, and the independent research skills required for an exciting career path in various music-related vocations.

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