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Formulation science

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Formulation science will enable you to understand the principles of making finished products from a blend of different individual ingredients. Drawing on the pharmaceutical industry, you will learn to apply the same principles to industrially relevant problems in other areas of formulation science, such as consumer products and cosmetics.

Formulation science is concerned with the invention, manufacture and testing of new products. You will explore the transformation of active drug compounds into finished products and learn about the elements of design and how to generate and evaluate new, effective, safe and stable pharmaceutical products and applications.

Students specialising in Formulation science will learn to design drug-delivery systems for all types of active molecules, and understand processes that contribute to the product life cycle.

You will also possess analytical skills to assess the physical and chemical properties of active molecules and delivery systems, and have the expertise to evaluate the suitability of these formulations within the context of industrial and regulatory environments.

A range of units allows you to progressively focus and move your studies in the direction of your career aspirations. Topics include:

  • biomolecule formulation and modified release technology
  • pharmaceutical regulatory affairs
  • advanced formulations and nanotechnologies
  • current aspects of cancer biology
  • industry placement

Formulation science will prepare you for a diverse and rewarding range of careers in areas such as developing pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, agricultural chemicals, veterinary products, paints and many other consumer goods.

We also offer this specialisation in combination with Chemical Engineering, leading to two degrees, a Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science and a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering. This combination will provide you with the know-how to manage the product process beyond the laboratory stage.

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