Chemical engineering

Your qualification will be a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (Honours)

Chemical engineers invent, design and develop processes that convert raw materials into products, with minimal environmental impact. They are also involved with pollution control, protection of the environment and energy conservation and conversion.

Many everyday items involve chemical engineering during some stage of their production: computer chips, mobile phones, petrol, paper and coffee, just to name a few.

Chemical engineering has its foundation in chemistry, physics and mathematics, as well as other fields including the applied and biological sciences, and economics.

The demand for chemical engineers is increasing as populations grow and resources decline.

A degree in Chemical engineering leads to a wide range of careers, traditionally in the chemical, manufacturing, petrochemical and mining industries. But today the demand for chemical engineers is far more extensive, with opportunities in sectors such as computing, electronics, food, clothing and pharmaceuticals.

As a chemical engineer you might:

  • design, develop or improve industrial processes and equipment for large-scale chemical manufacturing
  • plan and test methods of manufacturing
  • develop methods for the treatment of by-products
  • devise production processes that are safe, efficient, profitable and environmentally sound
  • research naturally occurring chemical reactions so that processes can be copied for human benefit
  • conduct environmental impact studies
  • develop and implement cleaner production technologies
  • research new processes and products
  • design, develop and use new materials
  • develop alternative fuels and energy sources

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“Engineering and global impact requires working towards a common goal, aligning the resources and knowledge needed to reach it, and commitment to making positive change stick.”

Daniel Wielechowski, Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (Hons) and Bachelor of Science