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Your qualification will be a Bachelor of Economics

Economics is the key to unlocking how the world works. From the consumption of goods and services to changes in employment rates or impacts on living standards, economics is at the heart of how our society operates.

In this specialisation you will have genuine depth of study across the field of economics. You will learn how to use economic theories and analytical tools to figure out how the economy is operating, and identify and communicate the impacts of government policies in both domestic and international environments. You will choose to focus on one of two streams of Economics – either Economics and Economic Policy, or Mathematical Economics and Econometrics.

Economics graduates are sought after across many industries, including the environment and sustainability fields, finance, transport and aviation and health, and throughout the private sector. Economists also find employment opportunities in government departments and agencies, including the Reserve Bank of Australia, the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Australian Treasury, the Productivity Commission and the Australian National Audit Office.

This specialisation allows to you to focus on a particular area of economics.

With Economics and Economic Policy you will develop extensive knowledge of both economic theories and mathematical/econometric modelling, and how these can be used to develop and support public policy. You will learn how to apply economic theories and analytical tools to economic policy outcomes, and identify and communicate the impact of government policies.

If you choose Mathematical Economics and Econometrics you will focus on the mathematical side of economics. This will give you the ability to formulate and test economic propositions in complex economic environments. You will develop skills in econometric models and methodologies and learn how to evaluate economic theories using empirical data.

You can combine your Bachelor of Economics as a double with Arts, Commerce, Computer Science, Education, Engineering, Global Studies, Information Technology or Law, providing genuine diversity of study across a range of areas.

You will also graduate with an internationally recognised qualification that makes you employable across the globe.Additional opportunities, such as international exchange and internships are also available, to give you practical experience before you graduate.

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