Secondary education

Your qualification will be a Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Secondary Education

Mathematics, biology, languages, IT – this specialisation allows you to dive deep into the subjects you’re especially interested in, and share your passion with young people as they make the leap from adolescence to adulthood.

What you’ll be qualified for

Your qualification will be a Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Secondary Education. Studied as a double degree, you’ll qualify in two teaching areas and be able to teach adolescents from 12 to 18 years of age.

What you’ll be learning

As a double degree, you’ll develop specialist knowledge in areas you’re interested in. You’ll have a number of secondary teaching areas to pick from, spanning across our five companion degrees: Arts, Business, Fine Art, Music and Science.

As a foundation, you’ll study contemporary adolescent development, psychology, and the social and cultural context of secondary education. This will give you the knowledge and ability to put the best teaching practices in place. You’ll gain skills in curriculum planning, implementation and evaluation too.

With at least 80 days of professional teaching practice in secondary schools, you’ll get a chance to put theory into practice and get a real taste for what teaching looks like out in the field.

Your career options

This qualification sets you up to be a specialist teacher, capable of taking on diverse and leading roles in a range of secondary school settings.

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Please note: This specialisation is only offered when you take this course as a double degree. Please see the double degrees tab for your options.

"My International Professional Experience in Prato, Italy, was the absolute highlight of my degree. The opportunity to travel internationally, and learn in a different context to what I was used to was eye-opening and incredibly fulfilling." - Caillin Rolfe, Bachelor of Education (Honours) specialising in Secondary Education and Bachelor of Science.