Secondary health and physical education - D30017

Secondary health and physical education

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Your qualification will be a Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Secondary Health and Physical Education

Do you want to educate young people on the importance of health and physical activity – not just for themselves but also for happier and healthier communities? If so, then this specialisation is for you, qualifying you to teach adolescents from 12 to 18 years of age.

You will qualify as a specialist secondary school teacher of both health (including human development) and physical education, and a third teaching area of your choice. The skills you attain with this qualification – physical education and health and human development teaching, coaching and leadership expertise – will be in demand in schools and in the broader community.

You will study how young people think and learn and hence how they can be effectively and creatively taught about health and physical activity. Education studies, including contemporary adolescent development, psychology and the social and cultural context of education, provide the foundation for effective teaching. You will develop a rich repertoire of strategies for promoting learning and for diagnosing and assessing progress, and will acquire the skills needed for planning, implementation and evaluation.

You will learn about the biophysical and behavioural foundations of health and physical education, and how to optimise individual potential for health and wellbeing and build healthy, active communities. In learning how humans develop movement skills, you will acquire theoretical foundations and practical approaches to coaching across contexts including games, challenges and sports, developing advanced laboratory and field-based skills relevant to sport and exercise science.

Your third teaching area could be English, biology, business, geography, mathematics or perhaps social education, to name a few.

At least 80 days of professional experience will provide you with hands-on teaching practice in secondary schools.

You will be well prepared for a future as a leading health and physical educator in a range of schools, community, recreational and sporting settings.

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'Professional Experience took me out of my comfort zone and I now love being in front of a class. My course and placement has already helped me secure a job in only my 3rd year as a Tutor Support Officer at one of Australia's leading private schools.' - Cassandra Maldonado, Bachelor of Education (Honours) specialising in Secondary Health and Physical Education.