Software engineering

Your qualification will be a Bachelor of Software Engineering (Honours)

Software is everywhere. It does everything from dispensing medicine to controlling flight paths to monitoring and shaping our shopping habits. Our world's major companies, governments and organisations depend on smartly designed and well-built software. And they rely on the expertise of skilled software engineers to make it happen.

As a software engineer, you will apply engineering principles to systematically analyse, develop and improve software to ensure it runs effectively, safely and securely.

This project-rich specialisation is designed to address industry demand for tech-savvy graduates with large-scale software systems project capability. Why not join this young and exciting field of engineering, which is constantly evolving as new technologies emerge?

Building on strong computer science and maths foundations, you will gain deep expertise in software processes, architectures, methodologies and quality frameworks.

You will acquire high-level programming expertise, but software engineering goes well beyond writing code. Most modern information technology (IT) systems are so complicated that teams of people must work together to create them. This specialisation's emphasis on collaborative studio-based learning will give you strong skills in teamwork, project management and communication.

You will flourish as a problem solver, learning to blend technical expertise with innovation. You will be creative and adaptive, dealing with real-world constraints such as cost, time and risk, producing efficient, reliable software.

You have a huge choice of IT electives from Australia's leading IT Faculty, from 'Cybersecurity' to 'Games programming' to 'Business information systems'.

In fourth year, you will:

  • gain practical experience in a team developing a software system for a real-world client
  • build your research skills through an individual project in exciting areas such as intelligent systems, bioinformatics, cybersecurity and visualisation

You can apply for the highly regarded IT Industry Based Learning (IBL) program to do a half-year placement with leading Australian and global organisations. Placements count towards your course and are supported by generous scholarships.

The Bachelor of Software engineering degree is also accredited by the Australian Computer Society.

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“I was inspired to study engineering because I wanted to work in a field where I was continually being exposed to new experiences, developing new skills and encountering unique problems.”

Llio Vernon,
Bachelor of Software Engineering (Honours) and Bachelor of Science