Applied mathematics

The study of Applied mathematics – a fascinating, challenging and inspirational field – will see you using mathematical techniques and models to obtain practical solutions to concrete problems. The course will foster your natural curiosity and your innovative problem-solving skills will come to the fore.

Applications of mathematics span most branches of modern science, medicine, engineering, information technology and commerce. Applied mathematics will equip you with the tools required to develop new mathematical theories or adapt existing approaches to specific applications.

Applied mathematicians do not just rely on existing mathematical theories and techniques – they often need to develop new theories or adapt existing approaches to the specific application. They try to view problems in an abstract form, so they can identify links with other applications and build upon the existing knowledge.

A key feature of applied mathematics is its emphasis on the mathematical techniques and approaches used, and what they are able to reveal about each application, rather than a detailed understanding of the application area itself.

You will develop exceptional skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, modelling, learning, analysis, research and creativity. These skills are highly sought after by employers.

Diverse career opportunities await graduates in a variety of fields, including finance, computing and insurance industries, medical and scientific research and development, the public service, journalism and teaching.

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