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In Biochemistry, you will explore the chemical components, reactions, structures and processes that form the foundation for all living matter. This investigation is vital to our understanding of the molecular events that underlie biological processes.

Monash's Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is recognised as one of the world-leading departments in the field. Our researchers have made strong contributions in the fields of structural biology, molecular cell biology, infection and immunity, and cancer biology and metabolic disease. Given the unrivalled standing of Monash Biochemistry, students receive an exceptional education by world-class researchers and educators.

Biochemistry draws on biology, chemistry and physics, providing a key interface between these fields, opening up our understanding of the causes of disease and providing the basis of the development of effective treatments. It also interacts with cell biology, biotechnology, bioinformatics and mathematical modelling, and has many applications in leading-edge research and technology.

Your study will provide you with a broad understanding of biomolecules, machinery and information flow within living cells, and an appreciation of how these underpin all biological processes. In addition, you will learn about a range of specialist areas of biochemistry, and the role of biochemistry in health, and in diseases such as cancer. You will also develop the technical skills needed to work in biochemical laboratory settings.

Biochemists find employment in many areas including the following: national and international university or research-institute laboratories; hospitals and diagnostic laboratories; the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and food manufacturing industries; media communications and publishing; government departments and agencies.

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