Business information systems

All organisations, from the largest multinational to the smallest start-up, need information technology (IT) to carry them through change and ensure their long-term viability.

As a business information systems analyst, you will be at the forefront of change, guiding organisations toward their goals.

In this major, you will develop a thorough understanding of business information systems, fundamental business IT concepts and how IT can be used to tackle business needs.

With the capacity to communicate with and understand the needs of software developers, business managers and users, you will be in demand to lead communication across all levels of business problem solving.

You will learn how to:

  • conduct a detailed analysis of a business problem
  • design a suitable computer-based solution
  • communicate with other professionals at both the technical and business ends of the IT spectrum

With a special focus on business analytics, you will learn how analytical tools and simulation software are used to model, analyse and design business processes. You will acquire practical skills in using quantitative methods, data mining and visualisation to look for patterns and trends in data, and help organisations solve problems.

Data and case studies will be drawn from diverse sources including health, life sciences, social networking, economic data, customer and web traffic and scientific research.

In the final year Industry Experience project, you will be part of a team developing an IT application for a real client, learning how to manage all its stages, communicate with stakeholders and develop project documentation to a professional standard. If you are accepted for our Industry Based Learning (IBL) program, you can put your skills to work in the real-world industry environment.

And you can complement this major with a minor, major or double degree in Business or Commerce.

Professionals who can manage IT solutions in the workplace are highly sought after. As a work-ready graduate who is articulate, skilled and attuned to the needs, methods and attitudes of business, you'll have a wide range of career opportunities.

Become a leader in IT management, solving business needs using technology, with a Business information systems major in Information Technology from Monash.

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