Business law

Almost every decision a business makes will have a legal implication – whether it’s hiring an employee, launching a marketing campaign or developing a service for customers. Studying business law is a great way to complement the rest of your degree. It’ll give you a foundational understanding of how the legal system impacts business, the skills to apply relevant legal principles and the ability to conceptualise the legal implications of business decisions.

A major in Business law does not qualify you to work as a barrister or solicitor.

Major Focus by location
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MajorNote Caulfield
MinorNote Caulfield, Clayton

"At the end of high school I was confused by all the options in front of me. But after thinking about the type of career I wanted, and the subjects I was interested in and the skills I wanted to develop, I decided the corporate world was for me. That's why I chose the Bachelor of Business. I wanted a broad degree that would give me lots of choice and flex…