Climate and atmospheric science

Climate and atmospheric science at Monash explores the structure and evolution of the physical climate system and addresses how we understand climate and forecast the weather. It is an interdisciplinary science that draws on the strengths of environmental science, applied mathematics, physical geography and the applications of concepts in physics and chemistry.

Using impressive, state-of-the-art facilities, you will be taught by experts in the field. With outstanding opportunities to gain both practical, real-world experience and theory-based knowledge, your studies will include a mix of field work, data analysis, theoretical research and modelling.

Weather and climate are both critical to understanding the natural environment, particularly at a time when the earth is experiencing rapid changes. You will develop an understanding of the physical theory of the earth's atmosphere and how it relates to climate and weather forecasting. You will also acquire high-level knowledge of the important techniques and processes used in atmospheric science to study such phenomena as climate variability, large-scale weather and the earth boundary layer, and a range of environmental issues, including climate change.

On completion of your Climate and atmospheric science studies, you might choose a career in closely aligned sectors such as the Bureau of Meteorology or consultancies that deal with weather and climate, or in disparate industries such as risk-management for banks and insurance companies.

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