Communications and media studies

About communications and media studies

Whether it’s in our relationships, professions or political and cultural engagement, our lives are increasingly played out in and through media. As the world becomes more connected, there’s an important need for people who can navigate the complexities of the dynamic media landscape.

Why study communications and media studies?

Digital media are changing our world – let’s make it better. Some of the areas we explore are new media, youth media, communications ethics, policy and law, climate change communication, video games, sex and the media, and digital literatures.

Are you ok with this data driven world? In the digital era, we’re enjoying smart homes, ‘tap and go’ technology, and the exciting prospects of new developments which will make our everyday lives easier and more enriched. However, various ethical implications arising from digital technology might impact us in ways we don’t like or agree with, and a big part of this has to do with the collection of our personal data. In communications and media studies, you’ll come face-to- face with the implications of the digital era. Will you accept the status quo, or challenge it?

By focusing on contemporary issues and debates, we aim to prepare the citizen-professional-consumer of the future to understand how media and communications shape the world and their active role in this process. Some of the areas we explore are:

  • digital media
  • youth media
  • communications ethics
  • policy and law
  • climate change communication
  • video games
  • music industries
  • gender
  • and race and media practices.

What careers will you be ready for?

  • Communications and media studies will enable you to pursue a career as a:
  • Media planner
  • Communications and media policy analyst
  • Multimedia specialist
  • Researcher, broadcasting/film/video
  • Climate change communications strategist
  • Public relations officer
  • Social media manager
  • Television/film/video producer
  • Web content manager
  • Communications coordinator in government, private or not-for-profit sector
  • Media critic
  • Media consultant and much more.

Who will be teaching you?

Communications and media studies is one of our largest disciplines and we have over 25 teaching staff with diverse fields of interest.

Our research has impacted change in a number of areas, including reform to live music regulation in Melbourne. We made significant contributions to a report on Australian attitudes toward online privacy, launched by the Federal Privacy Commissioner.

Our staff are champions of ‘ideas entrepreneurship’, committed to channelling innovative research through media to stimulate public debate and provide evidence for policy reform. We have robust and growing partnerships with leaders and practitioners in media and communications industries that contribute to our guest lecture and internship programs.

What will you study?

Communications is about relationships and structures. Topics you’ll explore include:

  • Effects of traditional and new communications technologies such as print, television, film, electronic and digital media, popular music, video games
  • The complex relationships between audiences, producers and policy-makers
  • Structure of communications industries
  • Relations between media, culture and power.

Global study

With Monash’s impressive international links, you’ll have the opportunity to venture into contexts where you can apply your expertise.

Short term programs:

  • Global correspondent – Italy, Brussels, Belgium
  • Shanghai city lab – China
  • Screening contemporary Europe

Exchange programs include:

  • University of Wisconsin-Madison – USA
  • Monash Malaysia
  • National University of Singapore
  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Danish School of Media and Journalism
  • HU University of Applied Sciences – The Netherlands
  • University of Leeds – England.
Major Focus by location
Focus Locations
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This area of study is offered in the following courses or can be taken where you have 8 free electives. To see if you can take this area of study within a double degree select from the course offering below.

What a week: Communication and media studies

In our Monash Arts 'What a Week' series, two year 12 students hear from industry practitioners about where a Communication and media studies major can take them.

Career options

  • Public relations
  • Marketing Management
  • Communications expert
  • Social media manager
  • International consultancy
  • International development

Overseas opportunities

As a Monash student you have the option to make your course an international one. One option is studying at a Monash campus abroad, and you'll have Malaysia, India, China or Prato (Italy) to choose from.

"You really don’t understand how much you’ve learnt until working alongside journalists in the field."

- Tash Lewis, Bachelor of Arts (Double major Journalism and Psychology)