Computer networks and security

Our world runs on networks. We use mobile devices and the internet every day, and behind these lie a constantly evolving and crucial infrastructure including mobile communications, the cloud and broadband networks. Companies depend on these information networks for mission-critical operations.

In this major, you will gain in-demand technical expertise in computer networks and communication and a deep understanding of how software is controlled across cyberspace.

Greater connectivity has changed the way we live and do business. But it has also brought with it increased risk from threats such as viruses, hackers and cyber criminals.

You will learn how to develop safe software and design and implement security measures to protect information and keep organisations resilient and operational.

You'll study algorithms and programming, as well as computer systems, networks, and network and software security. The emphasis is on the principles, practice and management of computer networks and the security technologies organisations rely on.

You will learn how to evaluate the security needs of an organisation's infrastructure and create plans to protect against potential attacks and security breaches. Another focus is the mobile, connected space, with units covering mobile-application development, and distributed computing.

In the full-year Industry Experience project, you will be part of a team developing an information technology (IT) application for a real client. Here you will enhance all your technical skills through assessing the client's network and security requirements then designing and delivering a working system that meets those needs. You will also build your 'soft' skills in teamwork, project management and communication.

As a graduate with this major, you can look forward to a career in cybersecurity, or systems and network design and administration. Your expertise will be in demand from businesses, consulting firms and major government agencies. Some of the many career options include: network designer, network administrator or auditor, security analyst, IT forensics consultant, security architect or information security manager.

Learn how to design, develop and maintain safe networks and computer systems with a Computer networks and security major in Information Technology at Monash.

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