Ecology and conservation biology

The escalating global crisis in biodiversity loss is regarded by many as the most critical and pressing issue ever to face humanity.

Ecology is the scientific study of interactions between organisms and their environments. This is central to understanding the diversity and organisation of life at the main recognised levels of genes, species and ecosystems. Conservation biology seeks to understand human impact on these natural patterns and processes. It also devises practical solutions to conserve biodiversity and ecosystem functions, such as how nutrients move through nature.

There is a strong emphasis in this major on applying the principles of ecology and conservation biology to real-life management issues, particularly in the conservation field.

You will engage with the key principles of the discipline, which will underpin the exploration of the broad range of fascinating and vitally important biological questions that can be addressed by the study of biodiversity. You will be taught by high-quality researchers in advanced laboratory and field settings, using the latest methodologies, technologies and analyses.

In addition to the principles of ecology and conservation biology, you will develop your understanding of the role and relevance of ecology in society, in particularly in connection with the significant role of biodiversity in sustaining life on our planet.

You will apply analytical and practical ecological skills in diverse environments, encompassing working with plants and animals, designing and implementing laboratory and field methods for their study, and conducting analyses concerned with testing ideas at ecological levels from genes, to species, to ecosystems.

A major in Ecology and conservation biology will equip you with intellectual, practical and communication skills to gain employment in diverse and highly rewarding areas. You may find yourself developing conservation policy for government environment agencies, in an environmental consultancy, in science communication, or helping mining and engineering companies limit their environmental footprint.

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