Financial and insurance mathematics

Financial and insurance mathematics at Monash teaches the mathematical and statistical techniques for understanding and assessing risk in insurance and financial markets. As an expert in this field, you will be able to determine the likelihood of specific outcomes and develop strategies that allow businesses and governments to either pursue new business opportunities or insure against risks.

Taught jointly by the School of Mathematical Sciences and the Monash Business School, this major will equip you with the skills and sound mathematical knowledge that are in high demand in the insurance and financial industries.

During your studies, you will learn important techniques and processes of probability, statistics and stochastic processes. You'll develop the high-level critical thinking skills to interpret and solve a range of problems that arise in the finance and insurance context, including financial and risk models. You will also acquire the skills to communicate effectively to diverse audiences about financial and insurance processes and results.

As a graduate, you will be equipped for work in the banking industry, investment firms, insurance companies, or in risk-management roles. You could pursue a career at the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Commonwealth Scientific, Industrial and Research Organisation (CSIRO), or in business-analyst roles, universities, or management consultancy.

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