Genetics and genomics

Genetics is the study of genes, their structure, function, transmission and evolution, and encompasses a rich and diverse range of research topics.Genetics lies at the centre of biology because the same basic genetic principles apply to microbes, plants, animals and humans. The genetic code provides the blueprint for life and every aspect of biology, from development, physiology and biochemistry through to behaviour and ecology and diseases such as cancer, is ultimately controlled by the products of genes and their interaction with the physical environment.

Genomics, enabled by dramatic recent advances in DNA sequencing technologies and computing power, allows researchers to expand their vision from a few genes to all of the thousands of genes that govern the lives of each organism. The ability to compare the genomes of different species and assess variation between individuals of the same species is revolutionising our capacity to dissect evolutionary processes and map the complex gene networks that control every aspect of biology.

Genetics and genomics underpin many exciting areas of science such as biomedical science, biotechnology, conservation biology, and forensics.Graduates with a major in Genetics and genomics find employment in medical and agricultural research institutes, hospitals, government departments,schools and universities, patent firms, genetic counselling services,forensics laboratories, and biotechnology companies.

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