Human geography

About human geography

Human geography explores the relationship between people and their environment including major challenges such as rapid urbanisation, environmental degradation, climate change, uneven global development, rising socioeconomic inequality and poverty.

Why choose human geography?

We explore the causes, consequences and possible solutions to some of the most important issues facing human societies today: environmental degradation, climate change, globalisation, social inequity and poverty, natural disasters and human vulnerability. Human geography will give you insights into how to analyse, deconstruct and think creatively about urban and regional development, environmental policy and management.

What will you study?

Contemporary challenges the world faces include:

  • Finding sustainable solutions to global challenges
  • Natural hazards and disasters
  • Climate change
  • Rapid urbanisation
  • Environmental degradation
  • Deepening poverty
  • Uneven global development and rising socioeconomic inequality
  • Combining geography, social science and sustainability science insights.

What careers will you be ready for?

Studying human geography will open a world of career opportunities within:

  • Local, state and national government policy departments
  • Environmental organisations and NGOs
  • Environmental consulting agencies
  • Infrastructure agencies
  • Research organisations
  • Sustainable development
  • International aid agencies, and much more.

Who will be teaching you?

Our staff are engaged in teaching, research, analysis and actions that promote the sustainable use and management of natural resources, landscapes and built environments across Australia and the world. We research and work in the fields of sustainable urban transitions, climate change adaptation, environmental governance, corporate social and environmental responsibility, international migration, and political ecology, among others.

Global study

With Monash’s impressive international links, you’ll get the opportunity to venture into contexts where you can apply your expertise.

Short term program:

  • Field methods in anthropology and international development – Malaysia

GIG: Global Immersion Guarantee

The Monash Arts Global Immersion Guarantee (GIG) is an award-winning initiative that will enable you to explore first-hand the relationships between society, technology and the environment. It’s a two-week, funded study trip for all eligible first-year Monash Arts, single or double degree students to one of six destinations – China, India, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia or the Pacific Islands.

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