International studies

About international studies

International studies examines the origins, processes and contestations of globalisation in the contemporary world. Ordinary people’s experiences and responses to global integration are at the centre of our inquiry. You’ll examine how local communities around the world embrace and also challenge aspects of globalisation.

Why choose international studies?

You’ll learn what it means to be a global citizen capable of actively engaging with a range of societies and cultures. The strength of studying international studies lies in the fact that it’s taught across multiple disciplines, allowing you to consider the most pressing issues facing the world today from different perspectives.

What will you study?

International studies brings to life the issues and events that have shaped, and continue to shape, our world. Examples of units you can study include:

  • Origins of globalisation
  • Challenges of globalisation
  • Global cities
  • The Global rise of populism
  • Global disasters: Catastrophe and social change
  • International studies research project
  • Cultures of the corporate world
  • Global consumption
  • Power and poverty: International development in a globalised world
  • Mobile worlds: Borders, displacement and belonging
  • Global ethics
  • Nationality, ethnicity and conflict

What careers will you be ready for?

You will be ready for a range of careers, in fields including:

  • Australian government
  • International non-government organisations
  • Media outlets
  • Education providers
  • Global trading firms and much more.

Who will be teaching you?

At Monash, international studies units are taught by dynamic and engaged staff members who specialise in a broad range of areas. Our staff have studied and worked around the world, at universities in Asia, Africa, Europe, America and, of course, Australia. They work on the history of medicine, gender and international development, the rise of the modern multi-national corporation,and legacies of war in the Asia-Pacific.

Global study

Short term programs:

  • Seeking justice – South Africa and Rwanda
  • GIG – Global Immersion Guarantee
  • Popular culture in Europe.

Exchange programs include:

  • Monash South Africa – South Africa
  • Monash Malaysia – Malaysia
  • University of Tokyo – Japan.

GIG: Global Immersion Guarantee

The Monash Arts Global Immersion Guarantee (GIG) is an award-winning initiative that will enable you to explore first-hand the relationships between society, technology and the environment. It’s a two-week, funded study trip for all eligible first-year Monash Arts, single or double degree students to one of six destinations – China, India, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia or the Pacific Islands.

Major Focus by location
Focus Locations
MajorNote Caulfield, Clayton
MinorNote Caulfield, Clayton