Marketing science

Data analysis has become essential for business decision-making, and loyalty programs and social media channels provide organisations with more information than ever before about their customers and consumers. Marketers need to be able to harness this data to better understand its impacts on their marketing strategies. In this major you will focus on the analytical, statistical and market-research aspects of marketing, to develop the capacity to analyse and solve business challenges that require marketing input. You will learn to formulate marketing outcomes to achieve broad organisational objectives, and develop a strong understanding of marketing theory and practice.

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MajorNote Clayton
MinorNote Clayton

"After completing a marketing degree in 2014, I am now working in London with Samsung. Before securing a permanent role with Samsung, I successfully applied to become a Global Digital Consumer Engagement Trainee at Microsoft in London for six months. I'm passionate about consumer insight, brand strategy, mobile and digital innovation in the technology sector."…