Mathematical statistics

At its core, Mathematical statistics deals with models involving a random, unpredictable component. Real-world applications are many and varied, and allow informed decisions to be made in the face of uncertainty.

You'll turn numerical data into useful – often gripping – information about anything from the effect of a new cancer drug, to economic performance, to changes in how we partner and reproduce. Essentially, the study of Mathematical statistics allows us to make sound judgements based on evidence rather than gut feelings.

Mathematical statistics at Monash will provide you with a wealth of diverse and invaluable skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, modelling, analysis and research.

Mathematical statistics is concerned with capturing the interplay of data and theory. It is composed of two crucial parts: mathematical theory and the applications of this theory in the real world. You will be exposed to cutting-edge developments in the field and acquire skills relevant to the current needs of industry.

You will develop an understanding of the important techniques, terminology and processes of probability, statistics and stochastic processes. You will also acquire the high-level ability to solve problems that arise across a range of contexts including science, medicine, economics and engineering.

Successful companies and organisations know their competitive edge depends on the analytical, quantitative and statistical skills of their workforce, and therefore seek employees with a sound mathematical training. When it comes to job opportunities, statistical skills are are widely valued – from the sports arena and market research to finance, forensics, management consulting and medical research.

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