Physiology is the study of the way the body functions normally, and in dysfunction and disease. It provides the answers to questions such as how the body works, what happens when we are born and develop, how our body systems adapt when challenged by stresses such as exercise or environmental extremes, and how body functions change in disease states.

The Department of Physiology at Monash is recognised both nationally and internationally as a leader in the field. Undertaking studies in this discipline presents an exceptional opportunity to learn from some of the finest researchers in the world.

From nerves to muscles, from the brain to hormones, physiologists are concerned with functions at all levels. This spans from the molecular and cellular, to the organ and body systems levels, to ultimately provide understanding of the integrated function of the whole body.

Through your studies you will be exposed to research underway at Monash focused on areas that address modern-day issues of health and disease, including:

  • obesity and diabetes
  • cardiovascular and kidney physiology
  • cognitive neurosciences
  • integrative neurosciences, including the peripheral nervous system
  • neuroendocrinology, in relation to reproduction, stress and homeostasis.

The emphasis in the major is on human body function – both normal function, as well as common examples of adaptation to unusual environments (such as high altitude) and of dysfunction (such as heart disease, infertility and ageing). The aim is to provide you with greater insight into body function and an understanding of the basis of many common dysfunctions.

As a graduate with a major in Physiology you will be prepared for a wide range of careers in the biomedical sphere. This may involve research or further studies in medical or allied health areas (such as audiology or health informatics). You may also use the general skills and knowledge you have acquired to pursue a career in a wide variety of workplaces, including education and the public service.

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