About politics

Politics is the study of power relations in society. It helps you understand essential issues about how societies are organised and their key institutions, including government, parliament and political parties.

Why study politics?

Politics offers you a way of engaging in vital questions about power and authority, how people govern communities and the relationship between ideas and practice. You’ll learn how contemporary political systems emerged and the fundamental ideas that propelled their development. You’ll learn to evaluate and compare different political systems and their key institutions.

What will you study?

Where does power come from, who has it, and how does it affect who gets what? Politics is concerned with ideas of freedom, democracy, equality and security. What do such ideas really mean, and how can we achieve them in practice?

Politics is an excellent discipline for learning about the interrelationships in the human world, and for acquiring a diverse range of interpretive, analytic and synthetic (especially conceptual) skills. You will engage in critical debates about things like:

  • Resource allocation
  • Social behaviour and political action
  • The management or resolution of conflict
  • Power struggles
  • Ideologies and political movements
  • The nature of the government and the state.

What careers will you be ready for?

Studying politics will allow for employment opportunities in areas such as:

  • Politics
  • Government administration
  • NGOs
  • Journalism
  • Industrial relations
  • Lobbying and advocacy
  • Business and much more.

Who will be teaching you?

Monash University politics staff includes some of the leading scholars and commentators on Australian politics who have published widely in the field, and can be heard or read across Australia’s media whenever a major event occurs in national or state politics: elections and public opinion; terrorism and the responses to it; foreign policy; globalisation; the role of the media; and Canberra’s place in managing the Australian economy.

Global study

With Monash’s impressive international links, you’ll have the opportunity to venture into new and challenging contexts to enhance your learning.

Short term programs:

  • The European Union: From consensus to crisis – Italy
  • Modern Italian political thought – Italy

Exchange programs include:

  • Monash Malaysia – Malaysia
  • National University of Singapore
  • University of Tokyo – Japan
  • Sciences Po – France
  • Free University of Berlin – Germany
  • Queen Mary University of London – England
  • Leiden University – The Netherlands.

GIG: Global Immersion Guarantee

The Monash Arts Global Immersion Guarantee (GIG) is an award-winning initiative that will enable you to explore first-hand the relationships between society, technology and the environment. It’s a two-week, funded study trip for all eligible first-year Monash Arts, single or double degree students to one of six destinations – China, India, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia or the Pacific Islands.

Major Focus by location
Focus Locations
MajorNote Caulfield, Clayton

This area of study is offered in the following courses or can be taken where you have 8 free electives. To see if you can take this area of study within a double degree select from the course offering below.

Study Politics at Monash

Politics is the study of power. By studying politics you’ll explore how communities govern themselves and the ideas and ideologies that underpin society.

Parliamentary internship

Monash University's Politics and International Relations Program offers students the opportunity to undertake a parliamentary internship with academic credit towards their degree.

Career options

  • Politics
  • Government administration
  • Journalism
  • Industrial relations
  • Lobbying and advocacy
  • Business
  • Finance

Studying politics and international relations at Monash

How do politics and international relations work together and how do they affect our lives? Senior Lecturer Dr Ben Wellings explains how this knowledge can help future employment.

Overseas opportunities

As a Monash student you have the option to make your course an international one. One option is studying at a Monash campus abroad, and you'll have Malaysia, India, China or Prato (Italy) to choose from.