Pure mathematics

Pure mathematics deals with the abstract, the rigour and the beauty of perfection. Although the discipline is motivated by reasons other than applications, it often becomes the basis for applied mathematics to solve the most profound and concrete problems.

The theory of prime numbers, for example, has its origins in pure mathematics, studied through curiosity well before the mathematicians who found it fascinating had any idea of potential applications. Today, it is fundamental to the security systems in electronic banking. In a similar way, notions of the curvature of space and time are applied in designing global positioning systems, and imaginary numbers are now used in everything from signal processing to the analysis of fluid flow.

At Monash, Pure mathematics encompasses a wide range of areas of modern mathematics, such as numbers theory, algebra, geometry, analysis and topology.

In studying this major you will develop high-level expertise in the important techniques, language and processes of pure mathematics – particularly advanced analysis, algebra and geometry. You will strengthen your capacity to apply and generate mathematical knowledge through abstraction and insight, acquiring the critical thinking skills to interpret and solve problems that arise within a range of areas of pure mathematics. You will also be able to present a precise mathematical argument in a way that can be communicated effectively to diverse audiences.

When you graduate you will possess skills that are highly sought after by employers. You will also be able to choose a career in a wide variety of fields, including teaching; the finance, computing and insurance industries; medical and scientific research; the public service; and journalism.

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