Advanced computer science

Your qualification will be a Bachelor of Computer Science

Computer scientists are behind many solutions to the world's greatest information challenges. Computer science is the theory and practice of applying computers and software to problem solving. Its practical applications span all disciplines, including science, engineering, business and commerce, the creative and performing arts and the humanities.

If you enjoy solving multi-dimensional problems requiring analytical thinking, have a mathematical or technical bent and want to use your talents to create new solutions, then a specialisation in Advanced computer science will work for you.

As a graduate you will be equipped to create substantial pieces of software, using advanced data structures and algorithms.

You'll develop important theoretical foundations for your practical work, as you engage with software design and development, and with hardware and software architectures. You will construct, manipulate and analyse the performance of advanced algorithms and data structures.

A detailed study of object-oriented design, programming paradigms and parallel computing will provide you with the skills needed to produce efficient software solutions to real-world problems.

You also have a choice of approved electives in areas such as graphics, mobile apps programming and artificial intelligence.

You will investigate the present and potential applications of computing that impact modern society, but your study is not restricted to current technologies. Rather, the emphasis on fundamental principles will prepare you to drive cutting-edge projects and shape future developments in areas such as artificial intelligence, cryptography, robotics, games, immersive media and bioinformatics.

Your advanced computer science skills will open up exciting career options. There is strong worldwide demand for computer scientists in roles such as specialist programmer, technical analyst, database administrator, research scientist, IT services manager and IT consultant.

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