Collaborative design

Your qualification will be a Bachelor of Collaborative Design

This new opportunity within the Bachelor of Design is answering an increasing need for design professionals with blended skill sets, undefined by a single discipline, creating new career opportunities.

These areas include service design, experience design, and co design where increasingly designers are intersecting their skills with community engagement, entrepreneurial mindsets and the skills from a range of other design project participants. Designers are playing leading roles in large multidisciplinary projects, and the capstone studios build collaboration, communication and strategic thinking.

This option prepares you for a future in which design dexterity is needed to help navigate change; and prepare you to become the agile design thinker the world needs. With Collaborative Design you create your own Design Studio sequence. This means you can undertake studios from Communication Design, Industrial Design or Spatial Design in Years One and Two.

This course structure allows you to acquire a range of design capabilities and understandings from each studio which can then intersect and be built upon in your final year. You will complete your degree with two capstone studios: Collaborative Design Studio 4 and Collaborative Design Studio 5.

You graduate with a Bachelor of Collaborative Design which is recognised by the Design Institute of Australia (DIA).

Career options
Service designer, co-designer, experience designer, graphic designer, multimedia designer, UX designer, art director, interaction designer, information designer, visual merchandiser, stage/set production designer, museum and exhibition designer, and future careers that have not yet been imagined.

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