Criminology is the study of crime and social control. It is concerned with the context, construction and causes of what we know as crime, as well as prevention, response and reform measures. It examines crime committed by individuals, groups, organisations and states, both locally and internationally and includes the study of policing, criminal law and processes of punishment within national and international justice systems. It interrogates diverse formal and informal practices and systems of justice and regulation. Monash criminology is internationally renowned for its global focus. We are concerned with crimes and social harms that cause widespread concern including those perpetrated by states and organisations, during war and conflict and in transitional societies. Monash criminologists are researching and producing new empirical and theoretical knowledge, setting the agenda for local, national and international responses to issues of crime that impact large numbers of people.

You will encounter topics that impact all of us directly and indirectly, such as: sexual violence, gender violence, human trafficking, homicide law, organised crime, deaths in custody, rehabilitation, imprisonment and post-imprisonment, policing, state and corporate crime, campaigns for justice, terrorism, border policing, the political economy of crime and punishment, and law reform. You will investigate various perspectives and methodological approaches through studying criminology, and develop the capacity for critical and innovative thinking and practical skills.

Studying criminology will equip you for the practical application of criminological knowledge in criminal justice policy and practice, preparing you to work locally and internationally in limiting crime and harm, leading innovative responses within and outside of formal justice systems. A major in criminology opens the door to a wide array of fascinating and rewarding careers across local, national and international criminal justice, and within government and non-government organisations, that can be used to actively help improve communities and society.

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