Data science

Your qualification will be a Bachelor of Computer Science in Data Science

This is the era of 'big data'.

Data science is a cutting-edge specialisation exploring the capture, management and use of the huge volumes of data generated by government, commerce and science in the fast-progressing world of the Information Age.

Monash brings an enormous breadth of expertise to bear on issues relating to big data. We have the greatest collection of expertise in the theory and practice of data analytics of any university in the Asia-Pacific region.

So if you're interested in a career solving the information challenges of big data in fields as diverse as marketing, medicine or finance, then Data science is the specialisation for you and Monash is the place to do it.

Data science will provide you with the practical, applicable skills to set you on your chosen career path as a data scientist.

You will acquire technical skills in areas such as programming and databases, through to modelling, visualisation and analysis. As an essential addition to your technical expertise, you will be challenged to reflect on and respond to the legal and ethical issues associated with collecting and interpreting data.

You also have a choice of advanced Data science electives, focusing on science and business applications.

Transferable skills in communication, including using graphics and interactive visualisations for professional practice, teamwork and project management will set you up for success.

With this critical combination of 'hard' and 'soft' skills you will be well prepared to help organisations make sense of vast stores of information. You will assist them to access data and identify patterns and networks to find solutions to important problems.

The world faces a substantial talent gap in the field of big data analytics, so get your foot in the door now.

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