International relations

Your qualification will be a Bachelor of Global Studies

International Relations examines the dynamics of global politics and economics, including the relationships between political institutions, international organisations, governmental and non-governmental actors. It uses evidence-based explanations to study war and conflict, development, financial and other crises at the global level.

You'll take an interdisciplinary approach to questions of current international significance and emerge with a much-needed and highly contemporary skill set.

The International Relations specialisation will complement your core studies of leadership, culture and globalisation, through in-depth study of topics of contemporary significance such as terrorism and political violence, global governance, international security and foreign policy. You will consider seemingly intractable global problems, and possible global responsibilities in relation to them, as well as the political nature of responses to these problems.

Concepts of power, sovereignty, security and the state are central to the subject matter of international relations. From a basis of an understanding of these, you might turn your attention through electives to Middle Eastern politics, the ethics of global conflict, or gender in international relations, amongst other diverse choices.

You can choose from a range of overseas electives, as part of one of our study tours; or based at a Monash location in Italy, Malaysia; or at a prestigious partner university.

On completion, you'll have a solid intellectual grounding in the key debates, events, and institutions of contemporary global politics, be a well-rounded leader and communicator, and be ready to begin a career in diverse areas such as government, business or the not-for-profit sector.

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International Relations

International relations helps us understand world politics from perspectives that address global problems and challenges.