Materials engineering

Your qualification will be a Bachelor of Materials Engineering (Honours)

A truly interdisciplinary field, materials engineering brings together physics, mathematics, biology and chemistry, culminating in a ground-breaking research field and a thriving job market.

Materials engineering is all about making things stronger, lighter and more functional, yet sustainable and cost effective. Whether it's a lighter and stronger jet engine, a biodegradable tissue scaffold to grow organs from stem cells or new types of solar cells and batteries, materials are crucial to all aspects of engineering.

As a materials engineer, you have the opportunity to play a significant role in almost every industry imaginable.

Demand for materials engineers continues to outstrip supply, with Monash graduates receiving an exceptional response in the employment market.

Working across a range of exciting industries including aerospace, biomedical, mining, manufacturing, processing and recycling, materials engineers become:

  • metallurgists
  • plastics engineers
  • ceramists
  • adhesive scientists
  • process and quality-control engineers
  • corrosion or fracture engineers

As a materials engineer, your expertise will be sought after in:

  • the emerging fields of nanotechnology, biomedical materials, electronic materials recycling and energy generation
  • the development of lightweight metal alloys
  • the use of materials for energy storage such as batteries and fuel cells
  • functional materials made at the nanoscale, including the wonder-material 'graphene'
  • traditional industries such as metallurgy and mining
  • failure analysis

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Gayasha Geevindie,
Bachelor of Materials Engineering (Honours) and Bachelor of Commerce

“From the moment I set foot on the Monash University campus, I knew that I belonged here! The people, culture, the environment felt perfect and there are so many opportunities”

Gayasha Geevindie,
Bachelor of Materials Engineering (Honours) and Bachelor of Commerce