Mechanical engineering

Your qualification will be a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Honours)

As a mechanical engineer, you might design advanced materials for supersonic and hypersonic space travel, design robots and automatic control systems, or work with medical professionals to investigate the human body and design instruments for medicine.

Mechanical engineering is about the efficient use of energy for the design and function of all types of mechanisms, from the simplest to the most complex. It builds on physics, chemistry, materials, mathematics and biology to achieve this goal.

Mechanical engineers design and develop everything from door locks to space shuttles. In fact, if it moves, you will find mechanical engineering at the heart of its design.

From Formula One to the next chapter in robotics, there are countless growth sectors that you can participate in as a future mechanical engineer.

Mechanical engineers work on robots, propulsion systems, power plants, renewable energy systems, electrical generators, computer systems, climate-control systems, engine cooling, respiratory and air-conditioning systems, aircraft engines and cars.

New investigation areas include prosthetic limb and joint design, noise and vibration restriction, high-performance composite materials development, flexible manufacturing, mechanical design automation and industrial pollution control.

Industries employing mechanical engineers include:

  • petrochemical
  • transportation
  • aerospace
  • mining
  • manufacturing
  • automotive
  • electronics
  • robotics

Other growth industries include communications, banking, public utilities, consulting practices and the entertainment industry.

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“Our final year project involved designing a low-cost mechanical ventilator. We created AddiVent, a mechanical ventilator designed to be cheaply and easily manufactured through 3D printing and widely available products”

Aman Bhatti and Ben Fraser, Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Honours) and Bachelor of Industrial Design

Aman Bhatti and Ben Fraser,
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Honours) and Bachelor of Industrial Design