Music performance

Whether your style nods to Debussy, Meg Mac or is more Kenny Werner, our Music performance study offers the rigour and richness required to put you on the path to professional success in your principal instrument or voice Available to students with strong musical aptitude in classical, jazz or jazz improvisation music performance, students will acquire an assured instrumental or vocal technique and demonstrate performance skills by participating in a variety of ensembles, in addition to solo work. You'll be able to enrich your experience on our international study tours to New York or to Italy, and study at the Monash Prato Centre, immersing yourself in international music and culture, and collaborating with visiting artists.

The Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music is consistently ranked amongst the best music schools in Australia, and continues to produce dynamic and creative national and international soloists, and ensemble performers. You will receive focused, individualised attention from accomplished facilitators, as well as inspiring master classes. Staff members and visiting scholars who are leading performers will guide your studies, enabling you to discover and engage your own uniquely creative 'voice'.

You'll also study the history of performance style and practice, and undertake electives that further enrich your expertise and experience in jazz or classical music. Studying the history of jazz composition might pique your interest or perhaps chamber music is more your thing. You'll have exciting opportunities to extend your professional network when you collaborate with eminent professionals and visiting local and international artists.

A captivating jazz or classical music career is at your fingertips on completion of your studies, and you might branch into solo performance, songwriting, collaborative work, orchestral performance or even teaching.

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