Popular music

Ever imagined your music playing on triple j, or performing at Glastonbury or Ozora? Or perhaps you’re interested in producing innovative music for film? Whatever your preference, the Popular Music specialisation will prepare you for an accomplished career in the industry.

The Popular Music specialisation trains musicians, performers and creators of the future. In addition to developing practical performance skills and stagecraft, you will learn how to engage with a broad range of creative tools, including song writing and music production, to create and distribute new contemporary music outcomes that are informed by any combination of popular music styles.

In your first year studying a Bachelor of Music, you will focus on developing techniques and self-directed practice strategies on your principal instrument or voice across a range of musical styles and repertoires. In second year, these skills are applied in both solo and ensemble performance contexts in song writing, live and recording environments. In third year, you will have the opportunity to conceptualise and create a live performance and recording project under the guidance of expert teachers within your chosen musical style and/or context.

Having gained an understanding of popular music history and current trends in music and business within Australian and international domains, you will be connected with current industry practices and practitioners, and encouraged in the creation of new music with peers. Through music collaboration, you will develop leadership skills and supportive peer working relationships that will see you beyond university and into the industry.

On completion of this specialisation, you’ll be ready to shape the future of Australian contemporary popular music.

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