Online courses study FAQs

Choosing to study online can be a big commitment, and you should make sure you do your research before committing to any online course.

Helpfully, we’ve put together a list of questions we’re asked when people ask us about studying online courses with Monash.

Why study online?

Studying online is a great way to meet your educational or vocational needs without studying in-person.

They open up opportunities for people who may not be able to study full-time because of work and family commitments, and they give you the tools needed to thrive in a digitally connected workforce.

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What courses can I learn online with Monash?

You can study a range of post-graduate courses with Monash University -- from health, information technology, business, marketing, and psychology.

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Do online courses have the same value as a full-time degree?

They do -- all that differentiates a Graduate Diploma or Master’s delivered by Monash University is how they’re delivered.

At the end of your study you’ll get a qualification that is nationally and internationally recognised, with no asterisks attached.

In addition, several courses offered by Monash come with specific industry accreditation attached.

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Why study with Monash?

Monash is Australia’s largest University, and in the prestigious Group of 8 Universities.

We’re also ranked in the top one per cent of universities worldwide, so you and employers know that when you get a degree from Monash it’s recognised around the world.

More broadly, Monash students emerge with the tenacity and tools needed to change our world.

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How does a Monash Online degree help my career?

Aside from being a recognised degree from a university considered in the world’s top one percent, our students can access a range of tailored programs to maximise their employability.

Whether you want to break into a new field, take a leadership role with your organisation or turbo-charge your career, we have options for you to explore.

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How does online studying work?

Through a mixture of video conferencing, message boards, and support networks -- when you study with Monash, you get everything you need to succeed.

Students with Monash Online are accepted during one of six intakes during the year, and units are delivered in six week increments.

This means that you join when you want, and complete your qualification sooner.

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What student support options are available?

When you study online with Monash, you’re far from alone.

Depending on your course, you may access one-on-one support or gain access to a comprehensive support network.

They’ll be ready to give you advice on how to maximise your time, your study, and ultimately, your results.

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What sort of entry requirements are needed to study?

The entry requirements for each course differ, but all courses offered by Monash Online are postgraduate courses -- meaning you need to supply evidence of a mix of previous study or industry experience.

Each course will have different entry requirements, so make sure you check details for the course before applying.

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What are the fees associated with online study?

As with entry requirements, the fees associated with each course differ.

As a full fee-paying student, you may be eligible to apply for the optional FEE-HELP to assist you to pay all or part of your tuition fees.

You may also be able to apply for scholarships under specific circumstances. You can find out more on each course’s individual page